Looking forward to Tomorrow

‘On the small island of Møn, Elisabeth Danziger is closely surrounded by sea. We feel the intense pull – the inescapable undertow – of the past.’ Alison Moore introduces this re-issue of a breathtaking work that should never have been allowed to go out of print. 

Join Elisabeth Danzinger on her last yearly trip to the island of Møn, in Denmark, to stay at the Tamarisks Hotel. With each annual visit, Elisabeth stays in the same room and walks over familiar paths. She locates an old bench underneath which her fingers find the long-ago carved initials ‘E’ and ‘D’. But who is ‘D’ and will she ever see him again? Elisabeth’s annual pilgrimage is part an unfulfilled family promise to return home after the war. As the true burden of Elisabeth’s history is revealed, Tomorrow becomes a silently devastating and profoundly moving book.

‘Winningly written in unshowy but graceful prose, full of precise observations and unexpected lines. This is a melancholy, compelling book with a surprise ending.’ – Observer

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